Modest Wedding Dresses.  Where can you find them?  Why are they so hard to find?

My sister-in-law just got married and I have never seen a more fluster bride.  She didn’t have a lot of money and she wanted her wedding dress to be covering.  Not much to ask for a bride on her wedding day but it was not easy to find something that fit those two criteria. The money issue was not as big of a deal if she could have found the perfect dress.

The first problem that she had that most brides also have when shopping for a dress is that designers don’t design for real people’s bodies.  They seem to design for models and people that starve themselves constantly.  So when you go to most bridal shops their sizes and shapes of dresses do just that.

Very often wedding dresses have to be significantly altered after you decide on a wedding dress by a seamstress at $30/hr.  That can add up fast if you want a lot changed on a wedding dress. These are hidden costs and can benefit the wedding dress shop a lot if you use their employees.  They may even make up things that need to be fixed as a standard wedding dress item to charge for.    Maybe you have a seamstress in the family and this won’t be a problem but not likely.

The next and biggest problem most brides have finding a wedding dress is finding a dress that meets you every want.

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